Kenya Visa

A valid passport and visa are required to visit Kenya.

Tourist Visa | Business Visa | Missionary Visa

Valid US Passport

Applicants for Kenyan visas will have to submit their current undamaged passport, and it must contain one blank visa page. The passport must be signed and valid for six months from the date of departure.

Kenya Visa Application

Kenya Application Form

Applicants need one signed Kenya visa application. Complete the online form, ensuring all questions are answered.

Visa Photos

  • Two passport photos should be 2” x 2” on an all-white background.
  • Photo should be taken within the last six months.

Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is required from the host organization or sponsor in Kenya that explains the relationship to the applicant and the purpose of travel. The letter must state the length of the stay, place of stay, the host’s name, and their contact information.

Medical Requirements

A letter, plus two copies, from a doctor certifying that the applicant is in good health and fit to travel abroad is required.

East African Tourist Visa

Tourists visiting Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda should consider applying for an East African Tourist visa instead of separate visas for each of your destinations. The East African Tourist visa conveniently allows you multiple entries to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for up to 90 days.

The fee for an East African Tourist visa is $100.00.

Non-US Citizen Requirements

  • Provide proof of current US immigration status.
  • Include a copy of immigration paperwork or Green Card, and employment letter.
  • Provide proof of sufficient funds (copy of most recent bank statement is required).

Travel Itinerary

If you have a copy of your flight itinerary or ticket, please include it (optional).

Kenya Visa Additional Documentation for Minors Under 18

  • Both parents must provide US passport copies (data page/last two pages).
  • The child’s birth certificate copy is required.
  • Parents’ copy of marriage certificate is required.

Service Order Form

Service Order Form

If you are processing your application with us by mail, fill out the form and send it along with the other required documents.

Consulate Fees

Single-Entry Visa (regular processing/7 business days): $50.00.
Single-Entry Visa (rush processing/3 business days): $70.00.
Multiple-Entries Visa with 6-Month Validity (rush processing/3 business days): $120.00.
Multiple-Entries Visa with 6-Month Validity (same day or 24-hour processing): $140.00.
Multiple-Entries Visa with 5-Year Validity (allow at least 4 weeks for processing but know it could be longer – approval is required from the Immigration Office in Kenya. NO rush processing is available for 5-year multiple-entries visas): $200.00.

Visa Fee for the East African Visa

Multiple entries valid for 90 days (7 business day processing).
Multiple entries valid for 90 days (3 business day processing).

For rush service, please give us a call.

Business Letter from US Company

Applicants must submit a business letter from the US company. The letter must be signed by an appropriate person in the applicant’s company, such as an HR representative, executive, or direct supervisor of the visa holder. The business letter must introduce the applicant, state the position the applicant holds in the company, and clearly state the purpose of the applicant’s visit to Kenya. Detailed contact information for the organization must also be included.

The letter has to state the validity of the visa applied for (one month, three months, or six months) and indicate who will be financially responsible for the applicant.