UK Passport

Chicago Passport & Visa Services is here to help you receive your UK passport.

Requirements for UK Passport Renewal

  • You are able to submit your most recent UK passport in good condition.
  • You are currently residing in the United States.
  • You are 16 years of age or older.

How to Apply

Online Application

  • Do not sign the application until instructed to do so.

Passport Photos

  • British passport size photos (45 mm high x 35 mm wide).

Proof of Residency

  • A clear photocopy of the applicant’s driver license or state-issued ID is needed.
  • The address of the identification must match the address listed on the passport application.
  • You can use a major utility bill or a copy of your current lease with a landlord and tenant signature to prove your address.

Residency Status

A copy of the front and back of your US Permanent Resident Card or valid visa is required. You should have the original I-94 or I-20 stapled to your passport. If you don’t have a valid US Permanent Resident Card and haven’t been a US resident for 2 years or longer, the processing time may be longer.

Dual National

Color copies of all pages of your US passport are required if you are holding US/UK dual nationality.

Processing Time

UK passports are processed in two weeks. British passport process is by appointment only.

Government Fee

The cost of a UK passport depends on the passport type.

  • Adult (16 and over) standard 32-page passport: £72.50.
  • Adult (16 and over) jumbo 48-page passport: £85.50.
  • Child (under 16) passport: £46.
  • Passport for people born on or before Sept. 2, 1929: Free.
  • Temporary/starter checks or checks without a name or address will NOT be accepted.